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Christmas Vape Deals

Christmas Vape Deals 2019

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Christmas vape deals are here at The Vapour Room, cheap e liquid, tanks, kits and more! Save money and get in the Christmas spirit.

Everyone loves Christmas, getting gifts, treating your family and friends and getting festive with your pretty Christmas decorations and colourful lights. Well nothing changes when you come to The Vapour Room for your vaping products! We are happily treating everyone to an exciting 10% off everything in the Online store!

The Vapour Room is offering a great deal for the 2019 Christmas Period. Get yourself some e liquid, a new tank or mod, buy friends of family a new kit and receive 10% off by using the code ‘THORXMAS’.

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Christmas Time Information

Orders placed after December 23rd will not be processed until the 3rd of January

Unfortunately at this time of year things can slow down. While our shops stay open closer to Christmas day, our online store cannot function without the delivery companies we use to get your orders out. While we are working up until the 23rd of December before we kick our feet up and enjoy the holiday just like you, online deliveries will be on hold until we and the delivery companies return to service on the 3rd of January. Our Christmas Vape Deals hope to make up for it!

Luckily, an online store doesn’t celebrate Christmas and will still be here for you to place an order between those two dates, but it will not be processed until the 3rd of January, so get your Christmas order in quick!

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!