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Exotic Tropic New

Whats New?


Here’s a run down

Our popular and much loved Exotic Tropic flavour was due a blast of new, fresh flavour to keep up with todays vaping preferences!

If you’ve vaped Exotic Tropic before, you will know that it has a fantastic, fruity flavour loved by many – however we noticed that people aren’t enjoying it as much as they had done before. This is because everyone is beginning to love sweeter flavours, more than before!

We tested different variations of our old Exotic Tropic and finally settled on what we believe is the perfect mixture of flavours to take its place.

Old Exotic Tropic

Our old version had three distinct flavours, being Mango, Pineapple and Papaya.


New Exotic Tropic

Our new version consists of Pineapple, Coconut, Watermelon, Orange and Grapefruit! Bringing a beautifully sweet, mind-blowingly fresh blast of E-Liquid flavour. This could be your new daily e-liquid, so don’t miss out – give it a try!


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