Aspire Triton Coil 0.4

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Aspire ODAN Mini Coil 0.2 Mesh

Super efficient Wicking Materials.

80% Linen Cotton which is a high temperature resistant cotton – efficient at a slower wicking rate than regular cotton and has antibacterial propensity.

20% Oranic Cotton, a fresh and natural organic cotton. This cotton has a high rate e-liquid absoption and maintains a steady flow.

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The Aspire Triton Coil utilizes either 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel or Kanthal for two very distinct modes of vaping. The Black Coded 0.4 ohm 316L coils utilize an extremely non reactive material, with the intent of improving user safety. These coils are rated for 25 to 30W and are intended for direct to lung style vaping. The 1.8 ohm Kanthal coils are coded blue, and feature an optimized output of 10 to 13W, specifically intended for mouth to lung style vaping. All coils are manufactured using Japanese Organic Cotton, providing a clean, clear, full bodied flavor.